Pins & Needles

1957 Brother Select-O-Matic. Mom’s looked identical, even the color. Credit:

My mother sat me down at her 1952 Brother Select-O-Matic sewing machine when I was 6 years old and taught me to sew by helping me make my first sewing project – a poncho of a heavy navy blue polyester knit on which I just had to add delicate white fringe all the way around so it would move whenever I did. Never mind that the thick polyester and the delicate fringe didn’t belong together at all. I loved that poncho! If I can find a photo (because I think one exists), I’ll post it here.

Ever since then, sewing has been one of my go-to pastimes, everything from blouses, skirts, and prom dresses to items for the home like quilts, roman shades, table runners, seat cushions and dog beds.

Nowadays it’s all about keeping it simple and practical, and simply-stylish when it comes to clothing. Just call me “a little sew and sew.”

I’ve got some simple projects to work on and some quilts in mind, too. I’m new at quilting, so my projects won’t be perfect.

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