Dirt in my Nails

In August 2019, my husband and I discovered an amazing hillside lot with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and the beach below in Ostional, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. With the tandem goals of retiring soon and building our dream home, we went for it.

And we got two acres to work with!

At the time, the entire lot was very much overgrown with what Pura Tree of Samara (their slogan: Tree Hugger – Tree Trimmer) calls “junk trees.”

We hired Pura Tree to clear the junk trees and plan an orchard for us on the large area downhill from our house. This page is dedicated to telling the ongoing story of developing, executing and caring for the orchard, the gardens immediately surrounding the house, and the jungle garden behind the house. I hope you find something useful and fun from our experiences and by all means dig right in!