20 Sensational Double Wedding Ring Quilt Color Combinations

I so admire quilters who come up with amazing color combinations! I guess I didn’t get that creative gene, so I look elsewhere for inspiration. These 20 sensational double wedding ring quilt ideas will help anyone come up with color and design ideas.

1. Here’s a Bali Wedding Star color selection from Judy Niemeyer’s quiltworx.com. Very tropical looking!
2. Who doesn’t love the combination of blue and yellow? This one is from Hannah’s Quilts at Amish Country Lanes. I can just picture it in a little girl’s room.
3. This one from quiltable.com is super creative, with the rings that transition from solids to prints.
4. This one from Hoopsisters, at Northern Threads, is a real stunner. It was quilted with an embroidery machine using the hoop. Each ring is outlined in a satin stich – gorgeous!
5. Talk about unique piecing – and some amazing quilting going on here at Debra Clutter Designs.
6. This rainbow effect quilt top using fun prints is charming!
7. “Metro Lattice” from Sew Kind of Wonderful is a cool take on the DWR making the rings white and the color coming from the spaces between.
8. This is another take on a rainbow theme from Kustom Kwilts. This one was made with the English paper piecing method.
9. Loving the color selection on this quilt at Quilting Wemple!
10. Colors ranging from pastel to dark and the impressive applique make this DWR at quiltsalott a real masterpiece!
11. Terry Denton-Harless‘s rich color selection for Judy Niemeyer’s Bali Wedding Star pattern! Love how this pattern incorporates the mariner’s compass points.
12. Tammy Zanell‘s version of Judy Neimeyer’s Bali Wedding Star – love the coral color pop!
13. Here’s a very cool ombré DWR pinned by Rebecca Pitts.
14. This color selection with the gray border for Metro Rings by Sew Kind of Wonderful is really slick! This one was crafted by Lucy at lucymade.com.
15. This one was posted to flickr.com, pieced by Jane Moore and quilted by Carla Barrett. The subtle color selection is so soothing.
16. Another great use of pastels with vibrant colors, this one posted by Leisha at quiltingit.com
17. Here’s a cool-looking contemporary one by John Flynn. and posted on toldyousew.com. The quilting done in radiating circles is really slick.
18. Here's a lovely use of cool greens and warm golden-green from Quilters Quest Facebook page.

18. Here’s a lovely use of cool greens and warm golden-green from Quilters Quest Facebook page.

19. This one is really unique in the piecing, and how Sew Kind of Wonderful used white where the rings join up.

There’s so many stunning DWR’s out there, this list could go on forever! But here’s the final pick:

20. This one is called Nouveau Wedding Ring by Eleanor Burns.

What do you think?

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