20 Inspiring Ideas for Mariner’s Compass Quilts

Playing around with Electric Quilt 8 – I love teal and brown together.

So, I’m in love with mariner’s compass quilts, but I’ve never pieced triangles. Mariner’s compass quilts go back 300 years. Foundation paper piecing is what makes them do-able, but how did they piece all those angles and points before foundation paper piecing? These are my 20 inspiring ideas for mariner’s compass quilts, for when I tackle one.

You’ll need to know foundation paper piecing. Here’s a great tutorial from Leslie at The Seasoned Homemaker.

1. This one’s from a 3-day mariner’s compass quilting class at Canton Village Quilt Works. It’s called “peacock feather” but to me the colors have a nautical vibe, too.
2. Here’s another one from Canton Village – the color selection is fabulous!
3. Judy Niemeyer is an expert mariner’s compass quilter – all her work with triangles is amazing. Too complicated for me to tackle, but it sure is gorgeous to look at.
4. The night sky concept and colors on this pattern and by Lessa Siegele are stunning.
5. Look at the cool color selection and the quilting work on this one at Rose City Quilter from a pattern by Judy Niemeyer.
6. Quirky, fun fabrics give this mariner’s compass by bookerworx a modern look.
7. This wall hanging mariner’s compass quilt by Becky Grover is a stunner.
8. Which is the star of this quilt by JangThaiHandicrafts? The compass or the all the surrounding pieces? The whole effect is breathtaking.
9. The oval shape and color selection on this one on artisanssqaure’s Stitcher’s Guild totally works. Love the flying geese border.
10. Here’s another stunner by Judy Niemeyer. The yellow rings are so original – fabulous!
11. Look at the detail at the outer edge of the compass on this design by Linda McGibbon called Neptune’s Gift, displayed at What A Hoot Quilts! Love the color choices, too.
12. This one is a pattern called Celestial Stars, also by Linda McGibbon of Lakeview Quilting– so many compass styles!
13. A combination Bargello and Mariner’s Compass, again by Linda McGibbon of Lakeview Quilting.
14. This one is a printed panel, but some daring quilter could tackle it. It would be great for a kid’s room. From Quilts for Kids.
15. This pattern is Perseus, also by Linda McGibbon of Lakeview Quilting.
16. By Emma Jean Jansen, called Harlequin Stars – so colorful!
17. This is an antique marine’s compass quilt, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It’s dated and signed in the center compass – “Barbara Ann Miller / her quilt / 1847” – Fabulous!
18. Memories of the Titanic II by Pamelaquilts.
19. I love the patriotic colors on this one by Robin Ruth Design!
20. Very cool idea – mariner’s compass placemats! Also from Robin Ruth Design.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my 20 Inspiring Ideas for Mariner’s Compass Quilts and that you’ve found some inspiration yourself!

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