Two Years in Costa Rica

Yesterday – January 18, 2022 – marked the two-year anniversary of our move to Costa Rica. We’d packed up everything we intended to take and loaded it into a shipping container, with our immediate needs packed into eight suitcases. And two cats in carriers to ride in the cabin with us as carry-on. Our non-stop flight from Chicago to Liberia was at 6:00 a.m., so we’d spent the night at the Hilton O’Hare. And thank heaven we did, because there was a nasty snow storm that started in the late afternoon on January 17 that would’ve made it really difficult to get to the airport.

We can’t say that everything’s gone smoothly. We lived among a maze of boxes for 16 months. We dealt with the hassles of building a home in a country where we haven’t mastered the language. We had to adjust to what’s called “Tico Time” down here, which means that mañana doesn’t necessarily mean mañana and it really might mean, say, two weeks from mañana.

We got our residency. We got our Costa Rica CAJA – the national healthcare coverage.

We got here before the whole COVID mess started, and we’re so thankful that we were here vs. the U.S. for it. Not that it’s finished, tho. But we’re vaccinated.

We’ve acquired three dogs since we arrived. Henry, Coco and Trudy. Two are rescues and one was planned. They were all un-housetrained puppies, so we got to go through that process, too.

We’ve gotten used to cigar-size grasshoppers, finding scorpions and little red crabs in the house, and not having the convenience of zipping over to Home Depot or Joann Fabrics or the mall when we need something. We adjust.

But we’ve also gotten used to year-round sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, tropical breezes flowing through the house, the sight and sound of waves crashing on the beach, kiskadees and monkeys serenading us, and life in shorts, sundresses, and flip-flops. Every day.

We’re glad we’re here, and for all the difficulties and learning processes, we don’t wish we were back in the U.S.A. No sir. No regrets. Vivimos nuestra vida aquí.

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