Gecko eggs in the closet

Gecko eggs

While I was busy in my little studio one day this week, Jendry, the woman who helps me keep the house clean and organized, came in and opened her palm to show me these two little gems. She told me they’re gecko eggs and that she’d found them in my clothes closet while she was dusting shelves.

I’m enchanted!

I don’t know if they’re fertilized, but after three days there’s no sign of anything going on inside when I place an egg on the flashlight of my cellphone. I’ll keep an eye on them for awhile, see what happens.

Of course when we moved to the tropics we fully expected we’d have geckos in our house, and we weren’t disappointed. You just can’t avoid them. That said, I love ’em! To listen to them chirping high up on the walls and ceiling – mostly once it’s dark – is charming and even comforting. They’re great at catching bugs, and I’d much rather vacuum up gecko droppings than do battle with bugs.

They also keep Banjo and Scout, our cats, occupied. If the geckos get too close to the ground, though, the cats will do their best to catch them and play with them. That generally ends up with me occasionally finding a gecko missing limbs and/or tail in the morning. If it’s still alive, I take it outside and place it in a shady spot, because geckos can regenerate limbs. Thankfully.

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