Firecracker Plants – a showy, draping display

Firecracker plant

The Firecracker plant is new to me. It’s actually a type of fern – see how it looks a lot like an asparagus fern?

I first saw the Russelia Equisetiformis growing at the house we rented while our house was being built. I took some cuttings and planted five of them at the top of one of our retaining walls behind the new house, and I can’t wait for them to take off and start putting on a show. My row of them is about ten feet long. With some encouragement, they’ll get all nice and bushy like the one in this picture and drape their long stalks over the edge of the wall.

This is another variety of Firecracker Plant, the Broadleaf Firecracker, Russelia sarmentosa. It’s another volunteer in the garden, and like the Canna Lily Indica, it’s growing along the fence between the front yard and the orchard. Right now it’s a single plant with two stalks of flowers, but look at all the seed pods! I’m going to let it go to seed and see what happens.

What do you think?

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