Canna Lily – another volunteer in the garden

The Canna Lily Indica is a type of canna lily, but these plants (there are different varieties) are actually from the ginger family. The Indica is native to Central America, so I guess that’s why it showed up all on its own in our garden.

Other varieties have flowers that are more showy, but this one has narrow petals. I’d been admiring it from the terrace all rainy season and did some Googling yesterday on how to maintain it.

I also love how the stalks, midribs and edges of the leaves are all deep reddish purple.

This one is about five feet high. It already had seed pods and spent blooms, so I trimmed them off according to instructions I found online. To encourage new blooms, just cut the spent blooms and pods at the base of their stalk – simple. Even though rainy season will be ending in a month or so, I’m going to sew a few seeds anyway and see if I can’t get a nice long row of them here against the fence that divides the front yard and the orchard below.

Stay tuned for any progress!

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