Pretty in Pink

While the excavating for our homesite was being done, a terrace was created in front of the master bedroom. The terrace floor is about 5 feet high above the front lawn. From the beginning, the builder intended to add a retaining wall from the terrace to the lawn, white stone to match the white exterior of the house. Rather than constructing just a straight wall from the top to the bottom, I suggested they terrace the retaining wall too. This way, I could break up the starkness of the white rock with the terraced flower garden. Liking the idea, they were happy to oblige.

Along the top terrace edge, I first added Tradescantia pallida, or spiderwort. It has a draping quality to it, so it’ll spill over the terrace edge as it matures. I’m excited for them to reach this stage.

Then at the top with the spiderwort went the pink vinca, called “Mariposa” here in Costa Rica because of its butterfly-attracting ability. Believe it or not, all I did was take cuttings of the vinca from another plant and stick them in the ground. They took off like crazy and they’re even already spreading by self-seeding. They can grow to 3 feet high, so I’ll be keeping them trimmed down to about half that. By doing so, they’ll be bushier with more blooms.

On the lower terrace are fuscia Bachelor Buttons, Oyster Plants, and Evolvus Blue Daze. The Buttons are spreading quite readily. The Oysters add a nice texture with their spiky leaves, and the Blue Daze will mound and spread over the edge. Watch for updates on the progress!

Bachelor Buttons and Blue Daze
The Blue Daze, in the Morning Glory family, have closed up for the day.

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